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There have been several poems to curry throughout the ages starting with Wordsworth's famous piece. There must be many budding poets amongst curry fans so each year we invite you to enter your effort to become Curry Bard of the Year.

Curry Bard 2013

From Wiseman SS pf St Bedes RC School Scunthorpe

I'll never forget my first vindaloo
Innocuously slopped on my plate
Perfumed and brown and scooped with my spoon
Into my mouth - it was too late.

First came a tingle like a tiny hot coal
Dancing on my tonge
Flipping and pirouetting with fiery feet
But soon it wouldn't be long 'til....

Fire! Fire! Call the brigade
It's an oral 999!
Sweating and squawking and fanning my face to try and get rid of the shine.

Although it burnt and blazed and scalded no end
I'll never forget that first vindaloo.
It was the tastiest meal that I ever ate
Even if I'm still sat on the loo.

Runner-Up from Wiseman KBA

Hot and tangy, or moreish and mild?
Safe and succulent or spicy and wild?
How do you like your curry dish?
With poppadoms or nan bread, what's your curry wish?

If you say you dislike curry, how can you know?
When you haven't even tasted, all the curries below.
Below the fresh trays, filled with tantilising treats,
Trays filled with tender and marinated meats.

So rush to state what you don't understand
When you haven't yet tasted the latest brand.
Hot and tangy, or moreish and mild?
Safe and succulent or spicy and wild?

Congratulations to the tutor group from St Bedes RC School, Collum Avenue, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire DN16 2TF who were set this as a work project with such splendid results.

Curry Bard 2012


Curry, you're close to my heart!

Well, let's hope you're not too close to my heart

But you know what I mean, you play a special part.

You mess

With my excess


But all in all you make me whole,

Curry, you're close to my heart!

But curry, you sure make me...

If you like this bit of fun, check out details details about my Curry Musical http://tim-riley.co.uk/?page_id=170.


Curry Bard 2011

Winner - Daniel Ford ((http://greenwichcurryclub.wordpress.com),

It's early, it's early.
Very early and it's breakfast time
The Delhi train rattles us on its way
A hawker's fruit slice. Metal thali tray
The curry day is ready

It's midday, it's midday
Exactly midday and it's lunchtime
The sun hits us sharp on the Durban sand
A bunny chow's the order in this land
The curry day is underway

It's afternoon, it's afternoon
Dark wraps us up and it's dinner time
Smart jackets here in Bermuda don't you know
Masala's the choice but the red is for show
The curry day is full on

It's late, it's late
Stars are our guides and it's supper time
London's partying's all done
Closing time choices. Madras won
The curry day has ended

Runner Up - Rachel Gough


Let's celebrate this week in style,
And take our time, not hurry.
Seven whole days to toast our favourite dish,
The one and only curry!

There's the Vindaloo with all its fire,
Will warm you up a treat.
A Rogan Josh will spice you up,
But more a moderate heat!

Thick and chunky, hot and sour,
A Dansak or a Bhuna.
Taste sensations, freshly made,
You'll wish you'd tried us sooner!

You may prefer a creamy dish,
A Korma or Passanda,
There's so much choice for you to try,
Come in and have a gander!

The following was adapted for National Curry Week from a poem by Robin Reid of Bradford (original written in 1993) & sent in by Khalid Khan and Shahid Siddiqi----------Can you do better?

Close Encounters of a Curry Kind

Passed Pluto and Neptune and thousands of stars
Passed Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Mars,
And charging e'er onward for all it was worth
The alien spacecraft now headed for Earth.
Astronomers gathered to meet face to face,
Concerned at the object detected in space.
And armies were scrambled to set up a plan
To crush the invasion before it began.
The craft in the heavens glowed brilliant with light
Sufficient to fashion a day out of night.

Then soon it had landed and clear came the sky.
The armies were waiting. The tension was high.
Then after some moments its door opened wide.
The leader emerged with his guards at his side.
Addressing the people he begged them for calm
And tried to assure them he meant them no harm.

"We come here in peace and we have one intent:
To share with you humans your Greatest Event.
Forgive our intrusion and try not to worry;
We just want to taste your delectable curry".

Relief filled the people and smiles came at last,
And great was the joy now the danger had passed.
And later that evening e'er brimful with mirth
Curry Week welcomed the strangers to Earth.

Send your entries for National Curry Week 2011 to groveint@aol.com















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