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The 2015 National Curry Week Poppadomathon was be operated to raise funds for Find Your Feet Charity..

The Event : The event can be held on any surface and both in or outdoors. Teams must consist of at least 5 people but there is no upper limit. Each competitor will carry a full size plain poppadom (cooked) running or walking (not machine assisted) for 100 metres before handing it to a team mate who must receive to poppadom once it is over the 100 metre line. If the poppadom breaks during a leg the team member must go back to the start of that leg a get a new poppadom. If it breaks on handover the team member must go back to do the entire leg.

Styles : There will be two styles of records competitors can aim at although it should be pointed out that it is for fun and charity. Firstly the distance record in metres covered by a team not including any sectors that have to be repeated due to breakages. Secondly the speed record based on the average speed per 100 metres per team member once again allowing for penalties through breakages. The overall distance covered will also be recorded.

Sponsors : Competitors are asked to obtain as much sponsorship per team member and team for their attempt. We will provide a template for a Sponsorship Sheet that can be taken to family, friends, companies for their donation support. This donation can be either a given sum (£1 for example) or an amount for number of 100m sectors covered (10p per sector for example). All money raised in 2013 will go Find Your Feet helping families in remote areas of India, Nepal, Malawi and Zimbabwe to build a future free from poverty (www.find-your-feet.org).

Publicity : The achievements of all teams will be recorded on the National Curry Week website.

We invite schools, universities, councils, rugby and football clubs, other clubs and pubs to hold a poppadomathon in conjunction with a local restaurant and name a person to collect the sponsor forms and money from each team and then forward it to the charity with details of the achievements countersigned by an independent observer sent to us at groveint@aol.com.

All teams entering will be supplied with a sample Sponsorship Form for use in obtaining local sponsors

Send your entries for National Curry Week 2013 to groveint@aol.com

2013 NEWS

The first ever Poppadomathon was run in Bradford on 7th October 2013 by a team of Air Cadets. The whole team covered 47,300 metres (29.4 miles) in the 30 minutes allocated. The winning team were Colonel Geldart & cadets Sewell, Brown, Lyons and Jones who averaged an amazing 13.5 seconds for the 100m legs and the fastest individual was Alex Toth-Jones with a speedy 13.3 seconds.

The attempt was adjudicated by Jordan Green, Matthew Myers, Tyler Booth, Aaron Booth, Breet Gray, Mel Bunyan and Georgia Freshwater. The event was organised by Raf from Kiplings in Greengates, Bradford and raised a fantastic £183.50 for charity.

In September 2014 a Bradford team improved the record covering 30.26 miles with 47 people in 30 minutes. Alex Toth-Jones has the individual record at 12.84 secs

September 2015 : Thornbury Air Cadets smashed the world record last night for the Poppadomathon. They broke last years record which was running 30.26 miles in 30 mins, by running 33.5 miles in 30 mins.





















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