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In support of National Curry Week we can offer detailed information on every aspect of curry and its history which includes details of every main herb and spice. Visit www.theflavoursofhistory.com for online content of 'The Flavours of History' published by Godiva Books.

For other information about the cuisine or culture please contacts us with details of your requirements. Although the ancestral home of 'curry' is the Indian sub-continent, the cuisine has become one of the widest food styles enjoyed in the world and has spread with a variety of amendments and innovations to many countries the world over.

Foremost amongst its fans are the people of Great Britain who have adopted curry as their 'national dish' with over 9000 restaurants and the creation of British/Asian dishes such as chicken tikka masala and balti. Britain is probably the curry centre of the world on a per head of population reckoning but everywhere the cuisine is enjoyed has its own variations and peculiarities.

Try a special curry quiz designed to be fun and informative. Click here to request details free.

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